Spanish culture, language and art.

Teaching a language implies an immediate cultural transmission, since the language represents the spirit and culture of the people. The teaching of the Spanish language as a foreign language raises the need to teach the culture of the people or a community of that language that speaks that language.

Spain is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The strategic position of the Iberian Peninsula as the gateway to the European continent has led many cultures to leave their experiences in our country. Through different cultural routes, the Foundation for the Dissemination of the Spanish Spanish Language and Culture aims to provide a comprehensive program to provide a general understanding of Spanish language, culture and art.

We offer a wide range of accommodation varieties suitable for the budget of each group. All the residences and hotels that we have visited in the last 12 months and offer the quality guarantees that we demand in our programs. Three and four star hotels in the city center or residence with a lower price are also available.

Distribution of the program.
A package of two or three weeks is offered.

Routes up to 13 days.

18 years and up

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