Spanish & Wine Culture

This module allows observing the complexity of nineteenth century’s enological terminology, characterized by the ability to blend traditional and new terms, whether they originate in enology or other sciences, especially chemistry. From the Foundation for the Dissemination of the Spanish Language and Culture, the course specialized on enology, and, in addition, the visits to top Castilian-Leonese appellation of origin wineries, make this course a reference in national learning not only of Spanish language but also of their enological culture.

Wine in Spain is not only part of its culture and history, but also of ancient traditions spreading all over the Iberian Peninsula. Grapevines are undoubtedly one of the most characteristic landscapes of our geography, and with a good reason, since it has the longest extension of vineyards in the world.

From North to South and from East to West, vineyards and centuries-old vineries spangle to world worth to be discovered which is inherent to good food and to our history, to world joining grape, to earth and mankind.

We offer a wide range of accommodations suitable for the budget of each group. All the hotels we work with have been visited in the last 12 months and we have been offered the quality guarantees required in our programs. They are hotels of three and four stars, located in the center of the city, or attractive cabins in the most remote places.

Distribution of the program
The duration is from eight to twelve days, during which we develop the highest quality oenological program by visiting the denominations of origin of each area. Visits to cooperatives and companies related to the wine industry make up a unique program for those who study the subject or who simply enjoy learning about grapes and wine.

USA: +21

EU: +19

NOTES: This program is complemented with wine tasting, gastronomic and cultural activities. Each trip is designed according to the preferences of each group or school to meet the highest expectations and training needs of the client. The group or school can choose the route and visit the denominations of origin of their interests within the Iberian Peninsula. It offers a wide range of tours, activities, meals and accommodation covered by the group’s budget.

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