Summer School for Spanish teachers

There are many students in the last courses of education and Spanish teachers who every year see in the summer a possibility to expand their knowledge or to recycle themselves in the methodology of teaching. The Foundation for the Dissemination of the Spanish Language and Culture has created its “Summer School”. This program will provide the opportunity for students and education professionals to enjoy a unique cultural experience, while developing their linguistic knowledge.

summer course – 2019 for teachers
“The teaching of Spanish and ICT and audiovisual resources”

Course description

5-day course Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Classes: (Monday to Wednesday)
Monday: theoretical framework for the teacher of Spanish: constructivism and communicative approach. Practical examples.
Tuesday: Practical application of the online tools of the Foundation for the Dissemination of the Spanish Language and Culture.
Wednesday: Cinema in Spanish and its application in the ELE classroom.

Seminars: (Thursday to Friday)
Thursday: Radio Workshop: Practical creation of Spanish classes for radio broadcasting. Recording and critical auditions.
Friday: Moodle Workshop: Using the moodle platform to create your own teaching resources as a teacher.
 Minimum and maximum number of students / course: 5-20 (all of them teachers)

has and inscription

Registration + Course: € 50 + € 400 = TOTAL € 450 / week (see possible scholarships for teachers at the end of this page)
2-6 July 2019

Resources and infrastructures to be used by the student:

• Computer x student

• Internet connection

• Digital board

• Radio transmitter

• Projector

Social activities included in the course

• Dinner fraternity colloquium

• FLE Breakfasts

• Guided tour of Valladolid

Extra activities

• Excursions

• Concerts

• Museums

• Visits to other cities

• Certificate of attendance issued by the Foundation for the Dissemination of the Spanish Language and Culture, with description of contents and specification of hours and workshops.


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